Ministry of Culture and Tourism Former Promotion General Director İrfan Önal; “Turkey Loved Thematic Introduction ” drew attention to the article titled.

Thanks to the activities carried out within the scope of 2018 Troy Year, Troy continues to attract attention. Ministry of Culture and Tourism Former Promotion General Director İrfan Önal; “Turkey Loved Thematic Introduction ” titled penned.

Irfan Önal, the General Director of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, used the following statements in his article; The Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced 2018 as the “ The Year of Troy. Due to the 20th anniversary of the acceptance of Troy Ruins in the UNESCO World Heritage List, the issue that came to the agenda with the proposal of public and civil institutions in Çanakkale in the first months of 2017 was supported by the Directorate General of Promotion as a Tro wanted story ’. While aiming here, the primary aim was to establish a correct and effective communication with the world through a positive and powerful story on behalf of our country and to contribute to the promotion of our country and Çanakkale destination. Finally, we completed the official procedure and announced the î Year of Troy “to our country and the world as the middle of the year. Mr. President has given the greatest support to us, the November 1, 2017, the 3rd Tourism in the opening speech during the opening speech of the Year of Troy for everyone was a great joy. The announcement of national and international activities to be carried out for one year was held in Çanakkale at the beginning of 2018. It was announced that the activities will be coordinated by the General Directorate of Promotion depending on a calendar. In terms of publicity and communication, the most important story was the opening of the Museum of Troy. Because this powerful brand’s most effective communication tool would be the Troya Museum, which will be opened within the year. The Troya Archaeological Site, which represents a touch of the myth of a modern world known to the rest of the world, and the Museum of Troy right next to it, created a unique value for our country and the destination.

At the beginning, 100 activities were planned and the excitement of these activities was announced as a result of a devoted work. We all know that; in such cases, you can publish your projects and calendar, giving you a separate power and seriousness. Indeed, Troy was a good start. Of course, the international and national responses to this situation were also delayed. The Guardian discussed the Year of Troy in its Internet news on September 26th. This news was then followed by many news, articles, news and commentary.

The official launch of the Year of Troy by the Directorate General of Promotion was held at WTM Fair in London in early 2017. Such a strong start and positive reactions have given us the signals that the Troy Museum and Troy story will be an effective means of communication, and this has not misled anybody. All activities carried out by the Directorate General of Promotion on the occasion of the Troy Year in the national and international arena can be found at www.tanitma.gov.tr. Close to 150 activities, about 200 international news, articles, articles, etc.

The most important issue this year; The public and private institutions in Çanakkale, especially Çanakkale and Çanakkale Governorship, have owned the Troya Year and carried out many projects on their own initiative. It is possible to characterize all activities as a successful example for public and private sector cooperation in our country and tourism sector. Representatives of the tourism sector operating in Çanakkale showed the same success in 2015, the 100th anniversary of Çanakkale Victory. These two focus successes brought Çanakkale together with many tourism products. Now they have the internationally qualified marathon  I am running for peace , swimming race in the Bosphorus, sports and activity oriented products like Troya walkways. The Troya Museum, which is presented as a gift to the world, is one of the leading ones. As an important tourism destination, Çanakkale continues to progress with the right fictions. The continuity of all these efforts is also very much related to how we will manage tourism in our country and on the basis of destination.

The Year of Troy was a great energy and concentration for the completion of the Troy Museum, which was completed in October. Although there are many criticisms about promotion as a country, it is possible to say that a good test has already been given during the Year of Troy. These results will provide an important energy and experience for the next activities. The support of our citizens, athletes and artists, academicians, private sector organizations and especially our press is a key factor in this success. Here, it is useful to underline one more point: the simplicity in focus and communication, focusing and working in coordination with your concentrate on your own values ​​are priorities for successful results. Çanakkale and our Ministry have done this in the studies of the Year of Troy and have set a good example for our country.

Former Culture and Tourism Ministry Promotion Director General Irfan Onal’s “Turkey Loved Thematic Introduction  ” published can be found here.



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