2018 Troy continues to attract attention in the national press thanks to the activities carried out within the scope of the Year of Troy. 2018 was declared the  Year of Troy  because of the 20th anniversary of Troy’s accession to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List and the announcement of the Year of Cultural Heritage in Europe. Throughout this year, Çanakkale will be a center where international collaborations and culture, art, science and sporting events meet the world. The activities of the Year 2018 Troy Year announced by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism continue without slowing down. History of BC The ancient city, which dates back to 3,000 years and is still a attraction point with its wars, legends and myths, continues to host its visitors. Troy will continue to host many events, including conferences, panels, and exhibitions.

The year of Troy continues to attract attention in the press. Hürriyet newspaper writer Ömer Erbil prepared an article about the Museum of Troy in the corner.

The Troya Museum, which was designated as the National Architecture Competition in 2011, was completed by the end of 7 years and opened to visitors. The museum saw 7 different cultural and tourism ministers. The museum, which cost 70 million liras, is spreading over 12 thousand 700 square meters.

For many years he was the president of the excavation of the ancient city of Troy. Manfred Osman Korfmann’s dream came true. Korfmann cared for the construction of a museum to bring the plundered Troy works from the world. In 2011, the project of the museum was determined with the national architecture competition. The Ministry of Culture Tourism laid the foundation in the tender in 2013. 2018 One of the architects of Troy Year, the construction of the museum was continued for the museum which was left unfinished by the efforts of Ak Parti Canakkale Deputy Bülent Turan. The museum, which cost 70 million pounds in total, was completed last week and opened to visitors.

Lost Corner

Museum Director Ali Atmaca said that they were satisfied with the number of visitors and said uk We accept more than 2 thousand visitors per day. 10 days museum visits free. Removing the free bus from the center. Women in traditional clothing from the surrounding villages make us smile. Many foreign visitors started coming from the first day. It was an important museum for the region. Bu Troas Region Archeology, Troy Bronze Age, Troia War, Troas and Ilion in Ancient Period, Eastern Roman and Ottoman Period, Archeology History of the museum exhibition area can be visited in 7 titles. Visitors to the new museum are met with sarcophagi and Homer’s epic of the Iliad. Entering a steep ramp, visitors enter the museum by following the sculptures, tombstones, animations and graphics on the wall niches. On the first floor there is a large and bright foyer area, an exhibition and conference hall, a large museum gift shop, and the Troya treasures from the Pen Museum and the aye Workers’ Treasure ve brought from the Istanbul Archeology Museum. On the second floor, Polyksena sarcophagus, which is considered one of the most valuable works of the museum, is on display together with the sculpture group. In the eler Lost Heritage ında corner on the top floor, there are photographs of the treasures kidnapped by Schliemann in 1873.

90 Thousand Square Meters

The museum has a garden of 90 thousand square meters. The museum consists of 7 blocks with a closed area of 12 thousand 700 square meters. The museum, which has a closed area of 3 thousand square meters, has a conference hall, exhibition hall, laboratory, study warehouses, cafeteria, administrative and technical personnel rooms. The exterior of the 4-storey building is covered with corten (old metal). Museum exhibition halls can be visited around slopes. While the visitors walk on the ramps, the museum watches the exhibition halls on the one hand, and on the other hand, the opportunity to watch the Troya region outside.

In the museum in Troas, there are more than one ruins and 2 thousand artifacts brought from the ancient city. There are more than 40 thousand works in the museum warehouses. The interest in the museum is pretty much. Women in traditional clothing from the surrounding villages create colorful images. The women who came out of the field of tomato, said they were very curious about the museum which has been going on for many years. Museum Director Ali Atmaca says there are more than 2 thousand visitors a day.


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