In the scope of 2018 Troy Year events, Troy in Our Dreams Textile  Exhibition prepared by Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Fine Arts Faculty Textile Design Department students opened its doors to the art lovers at the State Fine Arts Gallery.

In order to contribute to Troy Year 2018, art lovers showed great interest in the exhibition, which was inspired by the clothes of women living in Troy.

Head of Fine Arts Faculty Painting Department Assoc. Dr. İhsan Doğrusöz, welcome to the textile design clothing and weaving exhibition. You know the events of the Year of Troy by the support of the Ministry of Culture as of January at the same time with the support of our university and the faculty of fine arts faculty of academicians and students have come up to date with the contributions. Very successful works of art have been evaluated in this context and I believe that it has been very productive. The aim of our exhibition today is to present the clothing designs specific to Troy in the context of the activities of Troy Year. In this respect, a different theme in our students is a different topic. I think that transferring the designs that will make an important contribution to the ancient and historical history of Çanakkale will be transferred to the next generations. I also congratulate our teachers and students in this context. I would like to hope that such works will not only be in the scope of the studies of the Year of Troy in 2018, but also revitalize and prioritize our cultural heritage in other areas of our history, and also give new examples to the design.

Çanakkale Province Culture and Tourism Director Kemal Dokuz; Dı Dear teachers, our dear students, we know that our new Troya Museum was opened on October 10, 500 meters away from the ruins of Tevfikiye Village. 2018 The most important big project of the year of Troy, which cost approximately 75 million, and this work is both good for our country. When we look at the country tourism in terms of being total, it will provide a great added value. There are many museums and ruins in Turkey 381. In the 381 museums and ruins, the current statistics are the fourth ancient city or the visited destination. The location of such a valuable work in Çanakkale has a very different place. Therefore, in the province of Troy for the occasion of both our Ministry and the cooperation of our University and many activities are taking place in cooperation, ğ he said.

After the speeches, the exhibition was visited with art lovers. The exhibition titled de Troy in Our Dreams  can be visited at the Fine Arts Gallery of Çanakkale State by 9 November 2018.


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