It was declared 2018 The Year of Troy. Troy, the world’s second-most known heritage site, will mark the world by 2018 as a compromise of values ​​for everyone, in an initiative that begins on a local scale and transforms into a vision of international culture and tourism.

To be a preferred tourism destination, "Strong Perception Management and Sustainable Activities" are the two most important paradigms. The presence and diffusion of activities in the areas of sustainable sports, culture, arts, education and science in a region are vital to the fact that the region is a preferred destination. 2018 The Year of Troy is a very strong culture and tourism hamlet with a universal counterpart, in which we can establish a strategic communication channel with the whole world
Troia, Julius Caesar from Great Alexander, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk from Fatih Sultan Mehmet, who inspired the world and changed the course of history.

It is a unique composition of Troy's original identity, war and struggle and peace and tolerance. The collective spirit of the Troy epic, one of the most esteemed values ​​of Anatolia, is antagonistic again and again in different periods of Anatolian history as it was in the Gallipoli War and the struggle for national independence. Troy is one of the few destiny that has inspired cultures throughout the world. The archaeological studies that make Troy a bane and a dream come true; today it is accepted as a very important reference point in terms of archeology knowledge. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has officially declared the year of 2018 The Year of Troy, calling for a culture and tourism push on a global scale. In the process of global issues affecting all sectors and segments of society, Troy's aim is to position the international awareness of Troy as a stratigraphic means of communication spread over the world's seven continents, together with the worldly known inspiration of thousands of years. 2018 The Year marks the twentieth anniversary of Troy's entry into the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. The European Parliament declared 2018 the European Cultural Heritage Year. This framework will carry out work across Europe. The Troy Museum is preparing to open its doors to the world in 2018. With 2018 The Year of Troy; sustainable activities and projects in the fields of culture, arts, sports, science and education, which will be able to power the tourism of the region and country and which will spread all over the country all over the country. A strong promotion and communication policy is planned in the country and abroad in the patronage and coordination of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. We hope that in 2018, Troy will inspire everyone, and that this Anatolian Legend will shed light on the whole world.


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