Presidential Tour of Turkey in the TROY ETAP EXCITEMENT

Presidential Tour of Turkey in the TROY ETAP EXCITEMENT

54. Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) supports and will end on October 14 in Sultanahmet Square. 140 senior athletes from 20 teams participated in the tour which will reach Marmara by crossing the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts starting from Central Anatolia.

International Cycling Union (UCI) located in the 2nd HC 54th Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey in the category of calendar consists of 6 stages. Under the dı UCI World Tour takım, the second most important race category in the world, a total of 140 athletes, 20 professional teams and a total of 140 athletes started to race.

TUR 2018 starting from Central Anatolia will then pass through the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts and reach Marmara. The 1st phase was between Konya-Konya (9 October), 2 nd stage Alanya-Antalya (10 October), 3rd stage between Fethiye and Marmaris (11 October). On October 12, the 4th stage between Marmaris and Selcuk will end with the climb of Bülbül Dağı, where the House of Virgin Mary is located. The 5th stage will start in Selcuk from 13th October and will be completed in Manisa. The final stage will start on Sunday (October 14th) and start with a big finish in Istanbul, which was the capital of three empires.

Presidency of Marmaris Presents Fethiye Stage as Troya Phase

Troy Year 2018 due to the 54 athletes will pass through the stages of the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey Stage Marmaris and Fethiye were identified as Troy by the Presidency.

The Çanakkale Governorship Coordination and a delegation were also present in Marmaris to promote Çanakkale and Troy. In addition to the Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Kemal Dokuz, the Troya Year Coordination Center was attended by experts from Troy.

In the event, the promotional materials of the Year of Troy, which were prepared to be given to local and foreign athletes, were presented to the participants.

TUR 2018, the only intercontinental cycling tour of the world, which is the scene of the world-famous sportsmen and teams’ high-level struggle, is being broadcasted in live and on-line broadcasts through national and international channels in over 120 countries, including Eurosport.


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