Parion Antique City It is located on the plateau starting from Kemer Village within the boundaries of Kemer Village in Biga District of Çanakkale Province. Archaeological finds suggest that the city was founded in 709 BC.

Some parts of the Hellenistic city walls of Parion, which is located around 7 km, have survived to the present day. It has two harbors in Kemer Village and in the northern part of the ancient city. The ruins of the aqueduct (akuadük), which gave the village its name, are found at the entrance of the village. Outside the fortification wall, along the Kemer Stream, the Necropolis area extends. Although there are no ancient buildings standing in the inner part of the city, the basic traces of many buildings can be seen on the land. Roman theater on the southeast slope of the Acropolis with the remains that can survive. It shows the architectural features of the 2nd century.

In 2005, Prof.Dr.Cevat BAŞARAN started excavations in Parion. Dr. It is under the chairmanship of Vedat KELEŞ.


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