Turkeys Tourism sector civil society members and organizations came together in Istanbul to declare their full support for  2018 The Year of Troy!

In the framework of the lobbying campaign leaded by the Çanakkale Chamber of Trade and Industry a meeting is held in Istanbul the Marmara Pera Hotel. Among the participants were Bülent Turan (AK Parti PM), Başaran Ulusoy (President of TÜRSAB), Hüseyin Baraner (TÜRSAB Foreign Affairs Coordinator), Haluk Ulusoy (vice-president of TÜROFED and president of GÜMTOB), Mehmet İşler (vice-president of Turkish Hoteliers Federation and president of ETİK), A. Zeki Apalı (president of the Chamber of Tourist Guides of Turkey TUREB), Timur Bayındır (President of Hotel Association of Turkey TUROB), and Hasan Arslan (General Secretary of the Association of Tourism Writers and Journalists TUYED).
The host of this special meeting were Bülent Engin (The president of ÇTSO), Osman Okyay (Board member of ÇTSO), Kemal Pazarbaşı (President of Çanakkale Hoteliers Union Association ÇATOD), Armağan Aydeğer (Vice-president of ÇATOD), Turgay Kılıç (the President of TÜRSAB Çanakkale Regional Council), TÜRSAB Çanakkale Körfez BYK Genel Sekreteri ÇTSO meclis üyesi Ahmet Çelik (the general secretary of TÜRSAB Çanakkale Regional Council) and Adem Biçer (President of the Chamber of Çanakkale Tourist Guides).

What they said about 2018 Troy?
Başaran Ulusoy: “Çanakkale is where we all unite. It is the symbol of our national unity. The new bridge in the region will also unite Europe and Asia. We fully support the 2018 year of Troia with all our means and looking forward to unite once more in Çanakkale.”
Timur Bayındır: “As I always emphasize, the sea-sun- beach concept can disappear one day but the cultural heritage is an eternal universal value. Like the pyramids of Egypt, Troy is a universal value for Turkey.
We will be more than happy to contribute to this initiative.”
Hüseyin Baraner: “For more than 40 years we are working on the international tourism market. I am very happy to see that one of the world’s best known heritage sites Troy is revitalized and brought into the agenda via this initiative. Troy is the genuine cultural heritage of Anatolia. We strongly need to emphasize our cultural values again. If we can communicate Troy the way it deserves, it will also boost Turkeys image globally.”


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