The Troy Museum was built on an area of ​​11.314 m2 on 100 acres of land in the entrance of Troy ruins. The fact that the height of the museum building is equal to the height of the ancient city of Troy prior to the excavation allows Troy to be kept alive here with all […]

Troy Ruins

Troia ruins 30 km. to the south, approximately 4.5 km from the coast. The ancient city was declared as a National Park in 1996 and in 1998 it was included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Troia, MS from 3,000 BC. It is a city with up to 500 settlements. 10 different city layers and more […]

Infrastructure and Superstructure Works

The development of tourism and culture infrastructure and equipment of the Troia National Park and its surroundings is essential for Troia to be a sustainable tourism and culture focus. In this direction, infrastructure and superstructure improvements of the villages in the region, new trips and tour routes, attraction centers, cultural routes such as Troia Culture, St. […]


2018 The Year of Troy is a unique opportunity to present the cultural, natural and historical values of the whole region as well as to position Troy as an Anatolian value. The values represented by Troy will be a breath that will strengthen the tourism image of our country through a communication strategy that will […]


You can find the logos for 2018 Year of Troy in the links below. Click here to download TROYA corporate logos in English and Turkish logos.  


It is not possible to provide sustainable tourism with cultural, natural, historical and human values. In addition to the values, the reasons for encouraging tourists to travel to the region will be of great importance in today’s competitive conditions. A communication strategy built on a persuasive etkinlik value ine in the background should create sustainable […]


To implement a strong communication strategy by organizing Troy themed events / meetings around the world, Organizing international events in the fields of sports, culture, art, science and education with troia theme throughout 2018, To provide tourism to the villages within the boundaries of the national park around Troy ruins, In this context, Troy national […]


It was declared 2018 The Year of Troy. Troy, the world’s second-most known heritage site, will mark the world by 2018 as a compromise of values ​​for everyone, in an initiative that begins on a local scale and transforms into a vision of international culture and tourism. To be a preferred tourism destination, “Strong Perception […]

2018 Year of Troia

Fallowing the official declaration from the TR Ministry of Culture and Tourism about the 2018 Year of Troia…