WTM London Fair Çanakkale was opened on November 5, and the 39th annual London World Travel Market (WTM) International Tourism Fair was attended by over 5 thousand participants and over 50,000 professional visitors from 180 countries.

The world’s most important tourism fairs in London WTM tourism fair in Turkey among the stand saw intense interest. Canakkale Turkey and Tron themed promotional stand welcomed by visitors. Çanakkale Governor Half Turan Yılmaz on behalf of Çanakkale, 2018 Troy coordination center official Nejla Saltık and Çanakkale Touristic Hoteliers, Investors and Investors Association (ÇATOD) President Armağan Aydeğer participated in the fair.


ÇATOD President Armağan Aydeğer said, Çan 2018 Troy year provided a very important added value for our country and Çanakkale tourism. WTM is one of the world’s most important tourism meetings with the London tourism fair ITB Berlin. Under the leadership of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, we are launching the year 2018 Troy Year in London. We are proud to tell all of our stakeholders in London that the Troy Museum, which we called last year after the WTM, was opened as one of the most important archaeological museums in the world. The year of Troy is the world-wide promotion and communication activities, international meetings, seminars, conferences and dozens of cultural, artistic, sports and scientific activities held throughout the year in Çanakkale. and superstructure investments, walkways, arkeoköy application, sample itineraries and trip to Turkey with the new tourism attraction spot was marked as a model and success story. That we are not telling us many tourism professionals throughout Turkey and the Dardanelles 2018 Troy talks about the success story of the year carried everywhere. The year of Troy has come to life with the contribution and contribution of many people and institutions from the public to the private sector, from our non-governmental organizations to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and to the lovers of Troy from Canakkale. On the other hand, we are grateful to Çanakkale Deputy Bülent Turan and Çanakkale Governor Orhan Tavlı for his invaluable contributions and leadership in achieving this year’s success. Diğer


Ayous said, önemli WTM London is a very important event in the future. Turkey realized that we could say the numerous meetings in 2019 will be a good for tourism. The upward trend in 2018 with the hope that Turkey would overcome the strong figures in 2015 before the holidays. In his meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mehmet Ersoy, he stated that the target for 2019 is 48 million, the growth in the British market is between 30-35%, and the target for a growth of 23% in the next year. One of our next important objectives should be to increase the amount of overnight spending per person.

Our Troya Museum and Troya National Park is a candidate for being a very strong world tourism destination with many sub and superstructure investments, Historic Gallipoli Half-time, Our Islands, Kazdaglari, sea shores, alternative tourism opportunities.


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