Apollon Smintheion

Apollon Smintheion

The Temple of Apollo Smintheus, formerly known as Gülpınar, is located in the hillside of the valley between the northwest and the northeast of the Gülpınar Town.

This region rich in water is; It is fed by underground spring water and is probably transferred to the main center by underground channels formed in ancient times. The abundance of water in the region in Hellenistic Age is a symbol of Apollo cult. Because God Apollon always needed water to prophesy. For this reason, the temple must be established in this area.

The temple of Apollo Smintheus collects the theme of the Hellenistic period with its architectural design and style, as well as the reliefs of Homer’s epic Iliad. B.C. The temple, which was built in Ion style in 150 years, is the only example in the Troas region in northwestern Anatolia. The excavation work is currently underway by Prof.Dr. Coşkun ÖZGÜNEL continues its presidency.


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