Bayramiç offers you a feast for eyes with its green, light and richness of earth. Various types of green, magnificent mountains and enthusiastic water are in Bayramiç. You can reach Bayramiç by turning from Ezine on Çanakkale – İzmir road and go 24 km in. And people greet you with smiling faces.


First you can take a tour in city center. Bayramiç has one main artery. The town spreads with secondary roads on right and left. It has a rugged terrain but doesn’t exhaust you. You can takea breath at small park and then climb to Tekboylar hill. A part of it is called Aphrodite. It is a high spot where you can see Bayramiç. If you continue walking from Atatürk Street opposite the market place you will see a historical stone house. It is Hadımoğlu Turkish House Etnography Museum. It will give you secrets about life in Bayramiç. If you continue walking and pass the government house you will reach the Çarşı mosque built in 1889. When you turn right and go down you will reach Karşıyaka mosque and stone bridge on the stream near the mosque.


Bayramiç has some celebrities in its past. The most important oneis Mehmet Akif Ersoy. The poet of Turkish National Anthem was born in Karagümrük İstanbul but registered in Bayramiç ,so he seems to be born there. His father worked as imam in Bayramiç for years, and most ofhis childhood past there. A Mehmet Akif Ersoy house is opened to cherish his memory.

The second celebrity is Reşat Nuri Güntekin. Our famous writer has attended to a high school opening and lectured the first lesson when he wa a senatör. Famous politican and former diplomat İhsan Sabri Çağlayangil was caimacam here between 1994 – 1995.


Bayramiç consists of planting, harvesting and producing people. There is a dam watering the whole rugged terrain. So irrigated farming and stockbreeding are leading. When you go upper parts fruit trees cover most of the area. Cherry, apple, pear, peach, apricot, plum and chestnut and walnut

through the mountains. At the piedmont the area becomes a strong green. The fruit trees are far different than wellknown. The moist and climate peculiar to region causes the fruits’ skin become thinner. Besides local and other plantspecies, it has a unique fruit; a White, napless peach registered as Bayramiç White. A gift to Bayramiç from its climate and natüre hybridized from peach, apricot and palm types by themselves.


Ayazma, 30 km far from Bayramiç, isa natürel wonder and the first place a beauty contess took place. Ayazma stream is flowing abundently through deep walley. And so many form Karamenderes river by joining together. Up there, from yhe caves water flushes in this season. Ida is like a big water reservoir. Don’t leave Bayramiç without seeing Ayazma, even set a trout table for yourself. While you are eating the green color and the noise of the water will never leave your eyes and ears.



A mother bear feeds and raises paris whom is left to Ida mountain by his father –the king of Troy- Priamos because of a bad dream and a belief that he will cause a disaster being born. Paris becomes a strong and handsome man. Faction and fight god Eris leaves a golden apple with a writing on it ‘ To the most beautiful’. Goddess’ Hera, Athena and Aphrodite fight for being themost beautiful. Zeus charges Paris with solving the fight. Paris takes the apple and while he was thinking how to choose , the fist bribe offers come from the Goddess. Athena promises to be the strongest and superhuman wisdom, Hera promises kingdom of Asia and Europa, and Aphrodite promises the love of world’s most beautiful woman Helen the Spartan. Paris chooses love and gives the apple to Aphrodite. Thus the world’s first beauty queen is being elected.


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