Ancient Troy Ruins

Ancient Troy Ruins

Troia, which is one of the most important ancient settlements of the world, and its history dating
back to 3000 BC, is at the head of Turkey’s most important cultural and touristic list.
The remains of Troia city in Çanakkale’s Hisarlik town indicate that there was a settlement from
the Early Bronze Age to the Byzantine period (from 3000 BC – to 1200 AD). The area, where nine
cities were built on top of each other, is the starting point for European prehistory.
This area has been excavating since 1863.

Iliad and Odyssey Epics
Long before the emergence of Troia there were epics of Iliad and Odyssey.
Iliad and Odyssey epics, which are examples of the oldest western literature that reach present-day,
are accepted as the most important works of world literature and basis of modern western culture.

The epics of Iliad and Odyssey, which are embodied in Troia, are works of art within the basic
curriculum of many countries of seven continent. For this reason, Troia’s presence has a worldwide
reputation. From the past to the present day, films, books, stage shows and visual artworks are
produced on the subject of Troia, and thus Troia’s unyielding power and influence for the world’s
collective imagination increasingly continue.


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