Alexandria Troas

Alexandria Troas

Alexandria Troas Ancient City, Ezine District, is located in the village of Kestanbollu within the borders of Dalyan Village. It was founded by Antigonos Monophtalmos is one of the commanders of Alexander the Great in 18 BC.

The city is an important settlement with its planned temples, small baths, stadium, fountain, stone paved street, theater and waterway and port. ”Herodes Atticus Gymnasium  is one of the buildings that survived in the city. It is important because it is one of the biggest gymnoyts in Anatolia.

According to the city plan, it covers an area of 390 hectares and 8 km long fortification walls can be traced. It was observed that the city was one of the largest cities in Anatolia. Excavations are currently under way from Assoc. Erhan ÖZTEPE under the chairmanship of.


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