October 2018


2018 The Year of Troy is a unique opportunity to present the cultural, natural and historical values of the whole region as well as to position Troy as an Anatolian value. The values represented by Troy will be a breath that will strengthen the tourism image of our country through a communication strategy that will […]


The development of tourism and culture infrastructure and equipment of the Troia National Park and its surroundings is essential for Troia to be a sustainable tourism and culture focus. In this direction, infrastructure and superstructure improvements of the villages in the region, new trips and tour routes, attraction centers, cultural routes such as Troia Culture, St. […]


To implement a strong communication strategy by organizing Troy themed events / meetings around the world, Organizing international events in the fields of sports, culture, art, science and education with troia theme throughout 2018, To provide tourism to the villages within the boundaries of the national park around Troy ruins, In this context, Troy national […]


2018 was the Year of Troia. Troia, the second most well-known cultural heritage site in the world, will mark 2018 in the world as a form of values that everyone agrees on, in a process where a local initiative begins to transform into a vision of international culture and tourism. In order to become a […]

Presidential Tour of Turkey in the TROY ETAP EXCITEMENT

54. Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) supports and will end on October 14 in Sultanahmet Square. 140 senior athletes from 20 teams participated in the tour which will reach Marmara by crossing the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts starting from Central Anatolia. International Cycling Union (UCI) located in the 2nd HC 54th […]