July 2017

Historical Gallipoli Peninsula

Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park is located in Marmara Region, in the province of Canakkale. In 1973 the National Park was declared. The face measurement is 33,490 hectares. There are 1 village (Eceabat) and 8 villages within the borders of Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park. The Gallipoli Wars is a defensive epic that was won […]

Mount Ida

Kazdağı National Park, which is the biggest mountain of Biga peninsula, has 21,450 ha. covers an area. Kazdag, whose mythological name is terk Ida mi, is the mountains that he abandoned believing that the king of Priamos of Troia would bring jinx to Paris. In Paris where he grows as a shepherd and the lad […]


Antandros, located on the southern slopes of Mount Ida, is based on many different origins according to ancient sources. Herodotos refers to the preparations of the Persian king Xerxes’ expedition to Greece in 483 BC and the route that the army followed.

Bozcaada (Tenedos)

Bozcaada, which is at a strategic point at the entrance of the Dardanelles Strait, is 40 km and 6 km from the mainland. Since it was at the entrance of the Dardanelles, it has always been important since the beginning of sea trade.   According to mythology, Tenedos takes its name from Tenes, son of […]

Gökçeada (Imroz)

Gökçeada (Greek: Ίμβρος Imvros), a district of Canakkale and is Turkey’s largest island. It is located at the entrance of Saros Bay, north of the Aegean Sea. 91 km. has a coastline. The annual rainfall ranges from 950 to 1050 mm per square meter. Located west of the island İncirburnu constitutes   Turkey’s most westerly […]

Alexandria Troas

Alexandria Troas Ancient City, Ezine District, is located in the village of Kestanbollu within the borders of Dalyan Village. It was founded by Antigonos Monophtalmos is one of the commanders of Alexander the Great in 18 BC. The city is an important settlement with its planned temples, small baths, stadium, fountain, stone paved street, theater […]

Zeus Altari

Zeus open air altar is located on Dedetepe, just west of Adatepe Village, Küçükkuyu, in Ayvacık District. A platform was formed by flattening the bedrock on the hill. On this platform, three sides of the bedrock are carved. There is a cistern in the center and it was probably built as a votive well when […]

Apollon Smintheion

The Temple of Apollo Smintheus, formerly known as Gülpınar, is located in the hillside of the valley between the northwest and the northeast of the Gülpınar Town. This region rich in water is; It is fed by underground spring water and is probably transferred to the main center by underground channels formed in ancient times. […]

Assos Ancient City

Assos, 87 km. It is an ancient port city located in the Behramkale Village of Ayvacik District. The ancient city with two entrances, east and west, consists of the building communities on the terraces extending to the south. Most of the city walls are still standing. The Temple of Athena in the Acropolis is one of […]


Parion Antique City It is located on the plateau starting from Kemer Village within the boundaries of Kemer Village in Biga District of Çanakkale Province. Archaeological finds suggest that the city was founded in 709 BC. Some parts of the Hellenistic city walls of Parion, which is located around 7 km, have survived to the […]